• XSG Series Rotary Flash DryerXSG Series Rotary Flash Dryer
  • Foster NathanXSG Series Rotary Flash DryerCutting-edge drying technology for efficient, high-quality processing of a wide range of materials.Learn MoreRequest a Quote⋮Innovative Working Principle


    Tangential Hot Air EntryHot air enters the dryer tangentially at the bottom, creating a powerful rotating wind field driven by the agitator.⋯


    Thorough Material DispersionPaste-like materials are fed into the dryer and dispersed by the high-speed rotating paddles, quickly pulverizing any lumps.⋯


    Efficient Drying ProcessThe materials make thorough contact with the hot air, becoming rapidly heated and dried as they rise with the airflow.⋯⋮⋮Exceptional Performance Features


    Integrated TechnologiesCombines vortex, fluidization, jetting, and pulverization classification technologies for maximum efficiency.⋯


    Compact DesignCompact equipment with small volume, high production efficiency, and continuous operation.⋯


    Energy-Efficient DryingHigh drying strength, low energy consumption, and high thermal efficiency.⋯


    Environmentally FriendlyOperates under negative or slightly negative pressure, ensuring good sealing and high efficiency with no environmental pollution.⋯⋮⋮Versatile Material Handling⋯Organic MaterialsSuitable for drying a wide range of organic materials, including pesticides, acids, pigments, and more.⋯Dyes and InorganicsHandles a variety of dyes, metal salts, and other inorganic materials with ease.⋯Food and PharmaceuticalsIdeal for drying heat-sensitive food and pharmaceutical products, such as proteins, starches, and sugars.⋮⋮Comprehensive Technical Specifications

    Model Inner Diameter (mm) Air Volume (m³/h) Evaporation (kg/h) Power (kW) Max Height (m) Area (m²)
    XSG-2 200 350-500 12-17 10 4.0 15
    XSG-4 400 1150-2000 40-70 20 4.8 20
    XSG-6 600 2450-4500 80-150 40 5.8 28
    XSG-8 800 4450-7550 150-250 65 6.5 35
    XSG-10 1000 7000-12500 230-4250 85 7.1 40
    XSG-12 1200 10000-20000 300-600 105 7.8 52
    XSG-16 1600 18000-36000 600-1000 150 8.8 80
    XSG-20 2000 28200-56500 1000-1500 230 10.1 150

    ⋮Tailored to Your NeedsCustom Configurations AvailableWhile the standard models cover a wide range of applications, our team of engineers can also provide custom designs to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether you require a unique material handling solution or need to optimize for your facility’s constraints, we are equipped to deliver a tailored XSG Series Rotary Flash Dryer that exceeds your expectations.Flexible Capacity AdjustmentThe installed capacity of the XSG Series dryers is based on standard configurations, but can be significantly reduced depending on the specific material being processed. Our team will work closely with you to ensure the perfect balance of performance and efficiency for your application.⋮Unparalleled Drying Efficiency1High-Velocity AirflowThe tangential hot air entry and powerful agitator create a strong rotating wind field that disperses and dries materials efficiently.⋯2Rapid Heating and DryingThorough material contact with the hot air results in rapid heating and drying, reducing energy consumption and improving product quality.⋯3Continuous OperationThe compact, high-production design enables continuous processing, maximizing efficiency and output.⋯⋮⋮Applications Across IndustriesChemical ProcessingIdeal for drying a wide range of organic and inorganic chemicals, including pesticides, dyes, and pharmaceutical intermediates.⋯Food ProcessingSuitable for drying heat-sensitive food products like starches, proteins, and sugars with minimal impact on quality.⋯Mining and MineralsEffectively dries a variety of industrial minerals, metals, and other inorganic materials.⋯Energy and EnvironmentPlays a crucial role in processing biofuels, biomass, and other renewable energy sources.⋯⋮编辑器导览Gamma中的新内容